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Cycl is revolutionizing the way we recycle, combining technology and environmental stewardship for a sustainable future. With each bottle and can recycled via CYCL, we're not only reducing waste but also conserving resources and diminishing our carbon footprint. Join us in this green movement, and be a part of a change that benefits our planet.

Get your free Cycl deposit station and elevate your business by promoting sustainability and attracting environmentally conscious customers

Cycl is a mobile app connecting users to portable deposit stations where they can recycle cans and bottles in exchange for discounts from participating partners. By providing a Cycl deposit station on your premises, you reduce the waste generated by your operations and promote a circular economy. Additionally, it provides a convenient option for employees and customers to recycle on-site and attracts environmentally conscious customers. These customers can use the Cycl app to locate your business and discover your other products and services, potentially becoming regular customers.

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Boost your business and promote sustainability by offering discounts to Cycl app users while getting featured for free in the app.

Promoting your business on the CYCL app helps you reach a wider audience while rewarding those making environmentally conscious choices. By offering discounts and other incentives to consumers using the app to recycle their bottles and cans, you attract environmentally conscious customers to your business. This helps promote a sustainable lifestyle and provides many benefits for your business.

  • By targeting environmentally conscious consumers, you reach a specific audience more likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Offering incentives for recycling through the CYCL app increases traffic to your business, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • The concept also provides an opportunity for upselling and cross-selling your products and services.
  • The Cycl app provides a new way to connect with customers, offering a unique and engaging way to promote your business.
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Grow your revenue and sustainability with a Cycl partnership

The future of recycling is here

Take your recycling efforts to the next level and promote sustainability with CYCL's portable deposit stations. These innovative stations provide a convenient, user-friendly and eco- friendly alternative to traditional waste bins. They are easy to use, making it simple for employees and customers to reduce plastic pollution and conserve resources. Additionally, by depositing bottles at these stations, employees and customers can earn discounts from participating partners such as cinemas and restaurants via the app. Implementing CYCL's deposit stations in your business not only helps the environment but also encourages and rewards sustainable behavior among employees and customers.